Flying High

Religion can be like a floor and a ceiling. It helps some from falling through the floor, and also keeps some from rising higher intellectually and spiritually.

I found the song “defying gravity” from this post by John [looks like John Dehlin’s Blog is down for now.]  When I first read the lyrics  it was was so powerful to me.  The story being told (I think) is about two sisters.  One is still following the wizard and one has decided to go off on her own.  The dialogue suggests that this is something that will not be accepted by their community and that she will be forfeiting any comfort found in following the prophet wizard.  It is easy to see how this could be taken as metaphor for one leaving a family religion and seeking their own spiritual journey.   I think most of us can relate in our own way since we are all on a personal spiritual journey looking to the sky, with the potential in each of us to soar.

[if video does not play, try doing an internet search for “wicked flying high lyrics”]


~ by bonoboi on January 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Flying High”

  1. i replaced that video on season’s reasons that, as you pointed out, wasn’t working on

    thanks for letting me know 🙂
    i find your blog interesting.. i’ll be reading it the next few days.

  2. Thanks! I always check up on your site on Science and related topics, too. I have another blog that deals with things other than Mormonism (ie Science, Pop Culture, etc.) here:

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