I’m Going to Oahu

Hey y’all, I’m going to Oahu, Hawaii on Dec. 16th and I wanna know what there is to do (especially cheap things). If you were to go to Porto Rico, I could tell you the best spots to go for cheap to nothing and I know some of you have gone to Oahu before so let me know if you have any suggestions for a fun stay!

What did you enjoy most when you visited?? Thanks so much for any and all ideas!!


~ by bonoboi on December 3, 2006.

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  1. Ohhhhh, I wish I was going with you! We lived on Oahu in 1988-89 and it’s been a long time, but here are my suggestions:
    1. It is costly, but spending a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center (Laie) really is worth the money. You can go to the Temple early in the morning and do the PCC for the rest of the day (it takes at least an entire day)
    2. We loved Haunauma Bay even though it’s more crowded and commercialized than what I usually like. Snorkeling and watching those colorful tropical fish come right up to you…it was amazing. Even young children can do this. All you need is a cheap mask and snorkel (don’t rent, just bring one or buy one at the dollar store) I hear that now there are restrictions on visitors, so check when it’s open, and get there early.
    3. Waimea Valley has some nice hikes, a beautiful falls, etc. They used to have some little tours that were fun, you would learn ancient Hawaiian dances, see cliff divers, archaeological sites, etc. You can go swimming beneath the falls. It’s off the beaten track, so much more relaxed and not as touristy. All free, I think!
    4. Close to Waimea is Pu’u O Mahuka Heiau, an ancient Hawaiian temple site. It’s a short hike–read about it and get directions here. There’s not as much to do there–just hike up and see it. You can do it the same day as Waimea.
    5. I love Chinaman’s Hat–if you don’t have really young children with you. Read about it here. You can walk out there at low tide from Kualoa Point. There’s a secluded beach, small cave, and volcanic cone to explore.

    My advice for Hawaii–don’t try to do too much in one day. Go to one or two places and stay there the whole day and enjoy. Get food at the grocery store and picnic. There are tons of places to picnic. Wear plenty of sunscreen!!

  2. Thanks so much for that great information, BIV! Sounds great and I can’t wait!
    My cousin Brittany sent me this, as well:

    Turtle Bay on North Shore […is close to] the famous Sunset beach and Haliewa and minutes away from a great snorkeling cove that not too many tourists know about called Sharks Cove. At night turtles come up onto the beach (hence turtle bay) It might be a good idea to stay in Honolulu a couple nights and somewhere else the other nights. It just depends on what you want out of the vacation. The north shore is kicked back and relaxed while south shore is full of night clubs, great shopping, and plenty of resturaunts.

    Things to do:

    snorkel at sharks cove or hanauma bay

    go to haliewa surf town and get mottsomotos shave ice + eat at pizza bobs

    polynesian culture center

    surf waikiki (only $10 for 2 hourse to rent a board from a beach boy)

    eat at Dukes at Waikiki

    Hike stairway to heaven- it’s hard and you have to sneak in but so worth it. Takes about an hour is pretty much straight up the side of the mt. the top is a WWII bungelow. It’s the 2nd highest point on the island and you can see other islands from this point. Afterwords go tour the Budhist temple below it’s all free!

    Hike Mak’apu’u light house- This is an easy hike and only takes about 20 min or so. It’s really pretty and you can sometimes see whales breeding below

    spend a day at Waimea bay- this is the clearest water without waves on north shore

    watch the sunset at sunset beach- this is the best place to see the sun go down you HAVE to do this

    have a bonfire-maybe not on this vacation but it’s fun you can hunt crabs because they all come out at night and they taste good too!

    Visit a waterfall-there are a few, I only went to La’ie falls and it wasn’t too impressive but I think there are other falls near Kaneohe

    eat a pineapple

    shark tours ( for $100 you can go shark diving in Haliewa)

    rent scooters and circle the island-pack a picnic it’s lots of fun

    visit the La’ie temple

    Dole plantation-world’s biggest maze

    Waimea park-I think they may have stopped doing this but you can dive waterfalls and kayak

    cattamaran-I didn’t get to do this but it always looked like fun

    electric beach is a common place to see dolphins

    watch the sunrise (almost as good as a sunset)

    Pearl Harbor ( make sure to get there before 4:00 so you can take a boat out to AZ memorial)

    Iolani palace and bishops museum

    walk around Waikiki-tons of shopping! aquariums, art galleries

    I know you and Janice like dancing so check out Blue Tropics night club if you get a chance, they have monkeys inside. or Mai Tai-it’s on top of ala moana mall it’s a little more sophisticated.

    Sunset dinner cruise

    I’ll think about some more stuff cause there’s lots!

  3. Markii, make sure you and Jan go to Sharks Cove in Laie. Its a great place to snorkel. There is also a place to visit where the turtles come right up to the shore.(I dont remember where exactly, but right by pipe line). Honolulu is always so much fun to shop the strip at night. Its beautiful, and you can watch the Hilton across the ocean light the fireworks off every night! Are you going to North Shore? Im jealous! What an awesome time to go! Wow, have an awesome time with your fambam!!! Merry Christmas!! xxoo

  4. Pearl Harbor
    hanama bay
    sea life park
    go shopping
    waikiki beach
    swap meet
    nuff said

  5. Thanks so much for the tips, guys! I had a blast while there thanks to your help!

  6. YES to Pearl Harbor. MUST go there!
    Hanama bay I warn you has been very polluted and the wonders it’s known for (crystal clear water and fish everywhere) are almost gone sadly. Still, it’s awsome to go to (has so m fun memories of going as a kid when I lived there.)
    Shark’s Cove is a must, it’s not as messed up and polluted as Hanama bay, It’s sort of harder to swim in though.
    The Poly. Cultural Center for me was never that fun, (though I was like 11 when I went last… so it’s probably changed over 6-7 years) but it’s interesting if youon’t know so much about Hawaiian culture.

    Go to Iolani Palace, it’s VERY cool ^^

    YEAH the swap meet at Aloha Stadium is very good for low prices, it’s nice and friendly too.
    Go to Alamoana (god help me if I didn’t spell it right T_T) mall, or pearl ridge.

    Sea Life Park was just ok when I was there (I was there ALOT) but it’s probably changed as well @_@

    you can always hike Diamond Head if that’s your kind of thing? I wanted to beat my parents for making me hike that thing….

    There’s also alot of nice Theatres if you like drama ^^

    There’s Punchbowl cemetary for the war vets and Pearl Harbor deaths, it’s very sad but beautiful with alot of history.

    Battleship Missouri is at Pearl Harbor, I think you have to get on it seperately from the Pearl Harbor tour.

    They have alot of very good museums too.
    Make sure to eat at a L&L’s, Yummy Korean BBQ, and a Zippy’s. ^^

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