Mormon Mitt Romney

John Dehlin is covering the very interesting developments of Mitt Romney under the media’s microscope on Mormonism. He also appeared on radio talk show program KVNU’s For the People which can be found here (it is well-worth your time).

Posts from John’s Blog:

Sullivan also discusses the following topics on his blog endorsed by Time Magazine:

This is getting pretty fun to watch unravel… I wonder if the LDS Church will be in the spotlight more with Mitt Romney’s run for presidency than we had during the 2004 Winter Olympics. I also wonder if the Church’s “skeletons” are going to come out of the closet and become more widely known. If so, people may (or may not) start focusing less on the strange aspects of Mormonism and accept it into the melting pot of American Christianity.


~ by bonoboi on November 28, 2006.

One Response to “Mormon Mitt Romney”

  1. I’m just reading your blog for the first time and the fun is already over! Please check out the blog over at – some of the most “intellectual” minds in the church are over there. The majority have read everything that you have read and have come out with their spiritual life intact. Feel free to start a discusssion.

    I have shared many of your struggles, but am surprised that you are now an agnostic. I have had times in my life when I have not known that the church was true, but after two years as a missionary, I came to know that God existed and to discover that he answers prayers. I imagine that you knew that at one point as well, but have lost faith that what you experienced was “real”. Let me tell you from someone who has experienced serious transgression and life from the “other” side that we do indeed have a body AND a spirit within us. We can feed ourselves darkness or light. You’ve felt the fruit of that light, which is why you choose to keep your “morals” intact as you say. I wish you all the best with your life, your family, and your happiness.

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