Some people who visit this blog may be wrestling with their faith in the LDS Church or even another faith. While there are many reasons we could be angry or critical of the Church/religion, this article shows another option. For Rick Jepsen, he sees the Church as a way to personally wrestle with God and work thing out in this manner. The article is also interesting to anyone who has a wrestling background, as does Jepsen. Sunstone did a podcast interview with him that can be found here.
I liked the way Sunstone described the podcast/article in this way:

Godwrestling works as a strong exposition of the Jacob and Angel wrestling story, containing much fun background and an overview of how that story has been treated by biblical scholars and cultural critics. But it also offers fresh insights as Jepson, who competes actively in “submission-style” wrestling, applies his own ideas and stories from friends and wider wrestling lore. It does well in drawing the physicality of Joseph Smith and Mohammed and other religious figures into the discussion. It soars as a theological treatment of the body/spirit connection and how extreme exertion can be life transforming. We also get to learn a lot about wrestling in general. But best of all, through wonderful poetry and reflection about how the “wrestling posture” involves an embrace even as one does battle, Jepson offers a wonderful metaphor for how we as Latter-day Saints might better engage both church and God.

Please read the article here– it’s well worth it.


~ by bonoboi on November 14, 2006.

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