The Greatest King: A Story

This is the LDS story of God’s Plan, written by my father as a children’s book. If this story makes it to Deseret Books, pictures will be inserted where referenced below. I think it can be a great story for children to listen to. Tell me what you think?

You and I were born in a palace of the Greatest King who rules over all creation. He is our Father and the Queen is our Mother. We look just like them, as all children do. [picture–face of glorious King and Queen looking lovingly at a boy and a girl] They are loving and kind. We adore them and they love us completely. They gave us the greatest gift, the freedom to choose–to become what we want to be. [picture–face of happy boy and girl looking lovingly at King and Queen]

Our Royal Parents are full of goodness, truth and love. They are caring and patient. We love them so much we want to become just like them, so we choose to follow their example. [picture–happy boy and girl walking behind King and Queen] Some of our brothers and sisters don’t care about the feelings or happiness of others. They want to pretend they are better than everyone else and boss others around. They don’t want to be like our Father, they only want power and glory. [picture–dark, angry people–boastful, prideful, lustful]

One day, there was a big meeting in the palace and all our Father’s children were there. [picture–beautiful heavenly palace with numerous people] Our Father’s Plan for our lives was discussed. It allowed us to make our own choices and our own mistakes. His eldest Son would pay for our mistakes and allow us to return to Him. [picture–glorious Father talking to crowds of people] Those who only want His power and glory didn’t like His Plan. They wanted a plan that would take away our choices so we wouldn’t make mistakes, making us slaves. They wanted to always tell us what to do and have power over us. For this, they would get the glory, instead of our Father. [picture–dark, angry people talking to each other]. They wouldn’t follow His Plan and wouldn’t live with Him anymore, so they left Him. [picture–sad people, some crying, watching people go from the palace; dark, angry people leaving palace, some looking back angrily]

Our Father’s Plan lets us grow and become just like Him and our Mother. When the time came, His Plan required us to go to a place far away to live. There, we were made to forget our Royal Family so we could become like the King and Queen and learn good from evil for ourselves. [picture–people in a beautiful wood and meadow with a beautiful sky]

The King gave us gifts of strength so we could help other people. The King also gave us gifts of weakness so that we would want to talk with Him, and then He could make us strong. He gave us the gift of marriage. When we find the right person, we could be married and not be alone. [picture–man and woman standing side by side, his hand is around her waist, her head is on his shoulder] Then we might have our own children, just like the King and Queen. This gift of creating children is so special that we were told to use it only in marriage. We were never to misuse it and always respect it, even when speaking of it. [picture–man and woman with a baby in the woman’s arms]

The King gave us the gift of the Prince, His most obedient and eldest Son, with whom He had built His kingdom. The Prince taught us the King’s perfect laws and showed us how to follow them. [picture–Son patiently, lovingly teaching] He paid for our mistakes. [picture–Son on knees, praying intensely, sweat on his forehead] He promised, if we would obey the King’s laws, we would be happy and the King would invite us to attend the Prince’s marriage and share His kingdom. [picture–happy people in a marriage party in a beautiful, heavenly palace] He warned that if we didn’t follow His laws, we wouldn’t be invited to the marriage and would have no part of His kingdom. [picture–sad people walking away from the palace]

We were very happy. These gifts brought us joy and peace. [picture–happy people] How sad for those who knew the King’s laws but wouldn’t obey them. When they are brought back into His presence they will once again feel His perfect love. They will remember how wonderful He is and how happy He makes them feel. They will want nothing else but to stay with Him forever. [picture–King looking lovingly at a person] But they will remember the things they have done wrong and feel unclean. They will have to leave Him and hide themselves from His presence. [picture–tormented person leaving glorious, loving King]

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Those of us who obey the King and follow His laws will return to Him and attend the Prince’s marriage. We will be allowed to share His kingdom, power and glory, for ever and ever. [picture–heavenly palace with numerous glorious, beautiful people who look like the King and Queen]

What do you think? Critiques? Criticisms? Comments?


~ by bonoboi on October 11, 2006.

4 Responses to “The Greatest King: A Story”

  1. I have to admit that the term “Heavenly Father” gives me a case of the “bad vibes.” Only devout Mormons use this term. I think it is the term used for the “Mormon God.” There is the Christian God and then there is “The Mormon God.” To Mormons, the Mormon God can kick the azz of the Christian God any day of the week. That my friend is the weak point of the Mormon faith.

  2. Okay I tweaked the wording a bit (to the opening paragraph). Thanks for the “half-azzed” response, though- very thought-provoking, indeed.

  3. Hey, I like it. I think it will sell.

  4. As long as it’s in the Fiction section, it’s fine by me.

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