Dialogue with a Prophet

Yesterday I read a wonderful article entitled Dialogue with a Prophet, by Bob McCue.

His voice gradually faded as I walked away toward a beckoning, peaceful meadow where members of my family were playing Frisbee while waiting for me.

“Here he comes! Catch Dad!!”, one of the kids shouted, throwing a Frisbee in my direction. “That didn’t take as long as you said it might, Dad”, another said. “Boy, you look happy! Who was that guy anyway?”

“An old acquaintance who does not matter to you”, I said, smiling.

“Throw me a long one Dad”, yelled a third as she ran off through the grass with sunlight dancing in her hair. Time melted into laughter, color, sound and touch in my heaven – the only heaven I choose to know – into which I will pour all of my remaining life’s energy.


~ by bonoboi on September 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “Dialogue with a Prophet”

  1. I cannot access the link 😦

  2. I accessed it ok. I think this its a bit dodgey, its like a movie debate where the script writer determins who wins an argument. Also the Prophet’s lines are not very convincing, nor is his character, being portrayed with such pride, arrogance and other character flaws, which are out of character. Then there is Bob’s or the other characters statements that are sometimes not accurate, but made to apear accurate because the Prophet character conceeds the non fact. I think a person could get a better understanding of the nature of the Prophets and Apostles from another source. Plus maybe Bob could make his point better another way.

  3. Mark Parker:

    it is simplistic in its tone. the prophets would never talk in this way as shown in the story (as in “straight to the point”) but the gist of “authority” and how they use it is portrayed.

    by teh way, which statements were not accurate in the story? i appreciate you reading the article and commenting, by the way. 🙂

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